Clark HRAT Dupont-Special Bottom-Mount Fuel Pushrod

This pushrod is designed to be used on cylinders where standard HRA pushrods would be located next to an exhaust manifold or turbocharger, and exposed to abnormally high temperatures. The lifter unit on this pushrod is located well below the manifold, out of the proximity of the high-heat source.

Part Number Engine OEM Length Magnum Length
CE40402 HRAT-Dupont-Modified 49 1/2″ 42 5/8″


Parts furnished With Above Pushrod

Part Number Description
CE115-100 Lower Housing for HRAT Dupont-Special-Bottom-Mount Pushrod (Same as TLA Lower Housing)
CE114-027 Extended Driver with Teflon socket and mid-mounted hood
CE110-010 Adjusting Screw 5/8″-NC X 5 3/16″ Long, with 1″ Ball Attached
CE116-050 Felt-Oil-Retainer Washer
CE121-A Hydraulic Lifter Unit