James M. (Jim) Fitzgerald

James M. (Jim) Fitzgerald, Consultant

Jim is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, with a degree in Business Administration. He began his career in metalworking in 1953 as a high school student, taking Machine Shop classes and working evenings and weekends in a machine shop. He worked his way through college as a machinest, and except for a brief period in the early 70’s, after graduation, he has focused entirely on that area. He worked for numerous employers over the years, including Bell Helicopter, Safety Seal Piston Ring, Wesco Valve, before starting his own firm in 1977, with partner Ed Baker. After 14 years, he sold his interest in that company, and started Magnum Technology, which is the parent company of Magnum Machine and Manufacturing, producing a hydraulic pushrod, which he invented for the natural gas transmission industry.

He has worked closely with customers in developing numerous products, and improving many more. He continues to commit his time and energy to his customers and others.