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Custom Machining

Jim & Georganna Fitzgerald

Magnum Machine and Mfg. was started in October of 1990 by Jim and Georganna Fitzgerald with a main goal of providing high quality parts and service to customers.

In March of 1991 Kenneth Fitzgerald, son, joined the business to continue and provide for past, present and future customer needs.

Magnum Machine’s original product line, Hydraulic Pushrods, was designed by Jim Fitzgerald for the Natural Gas Industry’s compressor station engines.   The Hydraulic Pushrod is designed to compensate for the expansion and contraction between the rocker arm and cam of large engines.
Jim Fitzgerald developed this new style pushrod at the request of a long time friend who needed a more durable and better performing pushrod than what was available.  The Magnum Machine design replaced both OEM and after market pushrods as well as provide hydraulics on engines that never had pushrods available in the past.

With modest beginnings, the Magnum Hydraulic Pushrod is now a dominate force in the aftermarket
parts business and is sold exclusively through CECO.

Kenneth Fitzgerald

Kenneth Fitzgerald

As Magnum Machine & Mfg. continued from this humble start we sought out new customers and opportunities.   Our customer base soon increased with local and national business’s needing prototype as well as small and large production volumes of parts.  We work directly with commercial business and government entities as well as offer our services as a sub-contractor for customers that need reliable and high quality machining.   For many of these customers, just in time delivery is critical to their success.   Magnum Machine offers the advantage of inventorying parts for future sales as part of our commitment to serve our customers.   This inventorying of parts allows us to balance out deliveries and reduce cost through economies of scale and reduced number of setups.  All of which we pass on to our customers though lower and more consistent pricing.

During our early years one of our new customers needed help in fixing a major problem in there production of blended wax slabs.  In 1995 Magnum Machine & Mfg. received a request to repair some wax molding plates for a local wax blender.

Jim & Georganna

Jim & Georganna

After careful consideration and study we turned down the job due to the inherent problems and flaws of the original design. Instead we offered to design and build a prototype mold plate for testing.

The Wax Plate Developed by Jim and Kenneth Fitzgerald was unique and original enough to have patents on several of it’s features.   Magnum Machine brought quality machining standards and practices as well as modern CNC machining to the building of the new plates.   The precision, quality and eye for detail allowed for consistency and dependability to the plates that had not
been seen before.    Every plate produced and sold by Magnum Machine is tested for performance and reliability and must pass all of our quality control measures.   Through Customer  feed back and constant evaluations of our design we have improved the plates to higher standards of dependability and durability.  Design and development to improve the plates is an on going process as well as Magnum Machine standing behind it’s products with technical help and assurance of
customer satisfaction.

As Magnum Machine continues to expand we remain committed to Quality and Service above all else.
With an eye to the future, the ability to address today’s needs and the wisdom of experience
Magnum Machine & Mfg. stands ready to serve.