Precision Machining Parts

 As Magnum Machine and Mfg. increases it’s product lines our capacity to do additional work grows as well.     With more machines and machine time we are actively seeking new customers to work with and help.   At Magnum we offer precision, quality and the ability to deliver.   Our people work off of physical parts, hand drawings or technical prints as needed.Over the years we have worked hard to develop strong partnerships with our customers to help anticipate their part needs.  For some customers the parts are tried and true and only need our high quality, reliable delivery with best pricing.    Some customers require design and prototype or first generation part production runs so our creativity and honesty are key to their success.  Our desire for each and every customer is total satisfaction.


Proto-Type DevelopmentCollaberative Proto Type design with Customer and Magnum Machine

Small Production RunsMachined Casting with Powder Coat Paint

Large Production Runs

Families of Parts 40MM










Inventory when You Need Itinventory