Innovative Design with Engine Performance and Ease of Maintenance in Mind. 
Designed for the Natural Gas Compressor Industry, the Magnum Pushrods give dependable performance regardless if you are starting the engine cold or running day after day. Each Magnum Hydraulic Lifter is precision machined and expertly fitted for maximum operational life. Magnum provides Decades of experience and a wide variety of Engine Types.
The Hydraulic Lifter is a small but vital factor in the successful effort to maximize engine performance.  Though widely accepted in small engine circles the Hydraulic Lifter has earned it’s acceptance in Large Engines due to it’s unique ability to increase engine efficiency, extend valve life and reduce maintenance.The Magnum Hydraulic Lifter features precision tolerances of .0001″.  With 100% testing of each lifter, our proven performance standards will meet and exceed your expectations.

Our mission is to provide Quality parts at a competitive price and in a timely manner. 
Magnum Machine & Manufacturing is a full-featured metal-working machine shop with the latest and fastest equipment. Magnum specializes in small to medium production part runs as well as the design and development of new parts for a variety of industries.Magnum serves as a direct contractor for your machining needs as well as offering sub-contract work for outsourced or overflow parts your business needs to have produced. With part inventory options, print to finish parts, and design capabilities we offer a complete range of machining.
Our CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Lathes and Mills offer tight tolerances and repeat-ability for all jobs, large or small. From one part to 100K+ parts we offer the same high quality and bring decades of experience in machining. We always seek to find cost effective ways of producing the parts you need and work in cooperation with our customers to help create a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Industry First with Patented Designed Plates and Frame. 
Not only a machine shop but also an innovator, Magnum Machine has designed and produced multiple product lines for OEM and aftermarket use. Wax slabbing equipment, for the Wax Blending Industry, is one of our most successful design and developed products. A patented sealed water flow chamber plate that has attached e-frames to form the mold cavities, the Magnum plate quickly moved into an industry leader position with a world wide reputation of excellence.The Magnum wax slabbing plates are more reliable than other designs as well as easier to use and maintain. They are made from aluminum with stainless steel hardware machined with patented designs to improve heat transfer, water flow, and improved production use. Additionally, our frames include many new safety features, water meters to verify proper water flow and heavy duty construction for long term use.