Message from the President

To our friends in the wax blending industry,

Magnum Machine and Manufacturing specializes in the design and development of new technology for customers in a variety of industries. Over the years, we have been successful in identifying and correcting many problems for our customers.

One significant improvement in productivity came in the wax manufacturing industry. We developed a highly efficient wax-slabbing chill-plate. The various plates in use were designed using older technology, apparently with purchase cost, rather than upkeep and productivity in mind. This resulted in various designs that were relatively inexpensive, but leaked, cooled poorly, stopped up regularly or could not be easily disassembled or cleaned when clogged.

With this in mind, Magnum Wax-Slabbing Chill Plates. were designed from the beginning with the following features in mind: They were to be leakproof, durable, easily maintained, efficient, non-clogging, and rugged.

The current “Heavy-Duty” Chill Plates can handle higher pressures and require less maintenance

Thousands of Magnum Chill Plates are now in service worldwide, and in every installation they are consistently producing the maximum number of slabs possible, given the conditions under which they are operating.

The “Standard” Magnum Wax-Slabbing Chill Plate* is designed to fit what is considered to be the most common size slabbing press. Each plate is pressure tested with air to 25 pounds per square inch (2.0 bar). It produces two slabs weighing 11 pounds (5 Kilo) each, or 22 pounds (10 Kilo) total. One hundred plates produce one metric ton, 2,200 pounds.

The stack height of each plate is 2 1/4″. The outside width of the plate, excluding handles, is 25.25″ + 1/8″ – 0.0. The plates can fit into existing presses 25.50″ wide or wider.

Configurations to fit other size presses or applications can be produced if needed; and complete systems can be furnished upon request.

Our sincerest hope is that your slabbing operation is functioning well, but if not, we would like an opportunity to let you see what the Magnum Wax-Slabbing Chill Plate can do for you. We are confident you will agree, this is the most advanced chill plate on the market.

Sincerely yours,

Kenneth Fitzgerald,